Only love can bring peace

         Now a days Love becomes a play for the young people. In sports such as Cricket, Football etc. When our ball become old we change it and take new one. Now a days young girls and boys showing same activities with theirs partners. We also upgrading day by day and we changing our love partners also more frequently. We should remember that love is such a things that we should respect and honor each other. Love is a heavenly gifted thing. without pure and true love we will be in danger soon. A great change of social activities and epidemic fall of character like wild animals will be found in us.
      We believe true love brings peace and prosperous of life. Lets change our mind. Don't make funny of poor and suffering people. Don't break heart of your nearest and dearest one. Don't abuse to others. Be a great ideal for the coming generation.

Lets make the world beautiful with love.

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