Get 45 Throne Rush Gems in 5 minutes

Get 45 Gems in 5 minutes
By 45 gems you can recruit a builder or Cannoner (Hero)
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Get 45 gems in 5 minutes. Open your Throne Rush on Facebook and just follow the instructions.

1. Lick one Free gems icon on your Throne Rush.

2. Find Earn 45 gems! (Play two TV trivia games) Click on Continue.

3. Then a sing Up page will show like bellow.
Fill up it with your details.(give state CA, Zip code  92071)
Then click create account.

4. After that a list of games window will show like bellow. 
Select your two games (See image)

 Those are simple quiz/questions based games. Just answer them. Don't worry about right or wrong. You will get 45 gems after completing games.

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