Most proven Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises You Have to Try Regularly!

Most proven Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises You Have to Try Regularly!

Don't pay any money for penis enlargement pills or other kind of penis enlargement medicine. Most of the online programs are expensive and fake. So why you will expense money if you can do this naturally at your home. Start exercise regularly and get a perfect shaped penis and enjoy your sex life with your partner. 

The Ultimate Stretcher

It is possible to enlarge male penis by some proven exercise. Follow those tips and become a sex hero. Those exercise will increase your penis size and improve your sex time.

A worthwhile tactic for adding inches to your size involves just stretching your flaccid “little buddy” out. You can do this by following 5 simple steps:

1. Grasp the head of your phallus (glans) firmly. Pay attention not to cut off too much blood circulation (you should not feel any discomfort).

2. Pull and stretch it outwards in front of you with enough force to feel painless stretch inside the shaft and base of your willy.

3. Hold it in that position for 10 to 30 seconds.

4. Rest for a while and then repeat.

5. Do this daily for 5 to 10 minutes.

Extra tip: You should stretch it to all sides – up in the direction of your stomach, down between your thighs, to the left and the right as well. Do this for the same amount of time as instructed above.

The Thumb Stretcher

Here’s slightly different stretching workout you should add to your regime as well:
    1. Grasp the tip of your “manhood” with one hand. 
    2. Hold it firmly, but naturally! Again, do not cut off too much blood circulation or cause yourself any discomfort. 
    3. Use your other hand to place thumb at the base of your penis. 
    4. Then start to pull it away until you feel that stretch in it. Hold this 5. position for around 10-15 seconds, then release. 
    6. Have a short break and then repeat this whole process again.
7. You can do one or two sessions during the day. I highly suggest using one of the most popular penis extenders for more efficient stretching!

The Kegels Exercise

It’s common knowledge that Kegel exercises are beneficial to women´s health in a variety of ways.

However, very few men know that you can make your dick look larger just by maintaining more control over the erection itself!

All you need to do is the following:

    1. Identify and locate your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle by trying a method of stopping your urine flow naturally. 
    2. Once found, you will need to start contracting the PC muscle daily around 20-30 times. 
    3. Once you master these, you should go for more contractions per day and session.
Pay attention: Eventually, you’ll be able to not only feel, but to control the muscle itself! There are various regimes you could try out with the help of a mobile application that is available for free download at the end of this article.
This workout will lead to a noticeable boost in length and girth of your erections as more blood will flow to your dick. Trust me that your girl will be aware of your gains and your rock-hard boners!

The Jelqing Method

Before starting with the sixth workout on this list make sure that you’re already at least semi-erect (between ½ and ¾ of your maximum erection power).

If you do this technique in a flaccid state, you will achieve no gains while doing this with complete boner will result in some tissue and nerve damage!

Now you have to follow these steps:
    1. Lubricate yourself a lot (use oil based lube). 
    2. With your right hand make an OK sign and grasp the base of your little buddy. 
    3. Then “massage” your phallus by pulling your right hand slowly outwards from your base up to its head (pay attention to not jelq your glans as you may lose sensation in it). 
    4. Switch your hands and repeat the movement. The benefit of doing this is that you’re trapping and pushing blood from your base to the glans and in that way enlarging the whole size of your shaft. 
    You can repeat it as much as you please, but I would not go into extreme and recommend to stop as soon as you start to feel any discomfort.
Advice: As a beginner, consider a lower number of repetitions and then increase this amount gradually in one session. 
Those methods and tactics are most reliable and proven that those are certainly work it you practice them regularly.

It you get good result please give your review comment.

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